About us

At the beginning of the nineties, when the coating market became more automated, Luigi Coppelletti had the insight to design his own tools to improve thermal spray productivity.


Luigi Coppelletti founded ARTEC, which designed and developed thermal spray equipment.
The company started up its activity with 8 employees in Varano de Melegari – Parma and it had immediate success on the market due to its flexibility and its engineering experience.



Since 2000 the company has seen continuous growth in its turnover, thanks to its international expansion. Up to now ARTEC has produced more than 30 spray facilities which have been working in several applications (IGT, aeronautic, biomedical, automotive, wear and corrosion resistance, food, paper and textile). 



ARTEC became a SpA (Ltd) company and joined the United Coatings Group.
By joining the United Coatings Group (run by Nelso Antolotti), which was originally a small engineering company, ARTEC started to supply reliable systems, service and know-how to the market fulfilling the needs of state of the art coating shops to improve their productivity and quality worldwide.

The company now has more than 40 employees with a high percentage dedicated to R&D. Its staff consists of senior engineers who are experts in mechanic, electronic and fluid dynamics.



Due to its continuous growth, ARTEC opened its new headquarters in Rubbiano di Solignano (Parma).



ARTEC is a leading company in Engineering and Manufacturing Thermal Spray Solutions and Systems. The company now offers its products all over the world thanks to its sales & service network.